About us

Ilavian Institute of Ideas

We would like to make it easier for members of smaller communities to access world-class education and technology. We raise public awareness of the need to protect nature.

  • Our aim is to provide equal opportunities for young people by facilitating access to modern education which uses modern techniques and devices.

  • We help citizens in development based on ecology, science, modern technologies, active entrepreneurship and practical education.

  • We protect the natural environment, especially forests, and organize biological and ecological education.

  • We focus on the development of local communities through the development of modern technological and scientific competences, among others, in the field of synthetic biology, supported by artificial intelligence and quantum computers.

Actions that we have taken so far:

  • outdoor science-popularization events

  • location-based games

  • courses for young people - modern technologies

  • project "Forest Guide"

We are located in Iława - Poland.

contact us: instytutidei@gmail.com

or via FB messenger: https://www.facebook.com/ilawski.instytut.idei